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DCPS/DC Government Open Enrollment Guide

Open Enrollment season can feel pretty confusing. There are so many benefit options, costs are all over the place, and it’s always happening during the busy holiday season! Most people choose their benefits in a last-minute rush or go with whatever they picked last...

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DC Teacher Pension FAQ

I’m pretty sure if DCPS got evaluated on how well they explain their pension plan, they’d score Ineffective. If you’ve tried to learn, I bet you found it hard to get reliable answers. Onboarding is a whirlwind, and who do you even contact? HR? Your union? The...

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Q&A: Ten Questions to Ask a Financial Planner

If you're considering working with a financial planner, it's good to do some research before deciding who to work with. There are plenty of good lists of questions to ask out there if you google 'questions to ask financial advisors'. Here's one example from...

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